Winsley Cartwright was an alchemist from Marielda who later became a ghost librarian.

Appearance Edit

As a ghost, Winsley is a translucent purple man wearing a frilly shirt and a fancy shortcoat. His ghostly form does not have legs. At times, he changes into a more workmanlike reception outfit, described as "less maître d', more flight attendant".

The Quiet Year Edit

Winsley's knowledge of languages and alchemy helped him initiate communications with the cobbins who appeared on Marielda's black sand beaches. Shortly thereafter, this knowledge again proved useful as he began helping people interpret books from the city's library, which developed into an impromptu school.

Winsley was killed under mysterious circumstances. His body, which took a while to be identified, was found outside Marielda's western wall with many cuts and stab wounds. His belongings and papers were scattered on the ground nearby. Both Christopher and Snitch Nightly confessed to his murder. The second investigation seemed to indicate that Christopher had done it, but without uncovering enough evidence for a conviction.

Later endeavors Edit

After his death, he continued working as a ghostly librarian in Memoriam College's Living Library, which was named in his honor. He had a run-in with The Six and his son Winston during The Valentine Affair.

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