Wander Aviz was a historical figure involved in the founding of Ordennan civilization.

History Edit

A member of the distinguished Aviz family, who had a history of acting as advisors to Nacre's royal line, Wander Aviz was a mage trained at the University who was outside of Nacre at the time that Tristero retired to the city and caused it to be forgotten by the rest of Hieron. Though most people from Nacre simply lost their knowledge at the time of the event if they were elsewhere in in the world, Wander's mage knowledge helped her return to her homeland, where she expressed her dissatisfaction with the actions Tristero had taken.

Wander eventually left Nacre with a group of others who did not want to be kept away from the world, and helped settle the newly-formed island of Ordenna off Hieron's northwest coast. Though seen as a traitor to Nacre, Avisse would later also be seen in the same way by the people of the island she once settled.

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