Throndir, the Ranger, is a skilled woodsman known for his skill at surviving in the wilderness alongside his loyal dog Kodiak. Originally from the snow elf settlement of Auniq, he went into exile and is now a traveling adventurer.

Appearance Edit

He can put in a day's work, but then he can also put away those chicken wings."

Dre, "An Arrow Let Loose"

Throndir is strong in a blue-collar sort of way and is a little chubby, having gained the 'freshman fifteen', as it were, after leaving Auniq for places where food is less scarce and cuisine is more varied, though he has begun to lose some of that weight by season three. Similarly, he has wild hair not in a 'cool long braided ranger hair way' but rather akin to a college kid trying to grow out their hair and beard for the first time. As a snow elf, Throndir has a mixture of elf and goblin heritage. His blood is purple. His eyes are green[1].

Throndir wears leather armor and warm traveling clothes that are comfortable to move in.

Personality Edit

Throndir is fresh-faced and idealistic, but less so than some may think, after the trials that he has gone through. He acts on a sort of 'common sense' moral system and does what feels right in his gut.

Alignment Edit

Throndir's alignment is Chaotic. To receive experience, he must "free someone from literal or figurative bonds".

Bonds Edit

Old Edit

  • Fantasmo is an elf, but he's one of the strangest people I've met, and I have to learn more about him.
  • I implicitly trust Hadrian for fighting to protect me.
  • Adaire, the new mapmaker, does not understand life in the wild, so I will teach them.
  • I can learn a lot from Hella about how to be a successful adventurer for hire.

Current Edit

  • We may not do it for the same reasons, but at the end of the day I trust Hadrian to do the right thing.
  • If I have a harebrained scheme and need support, Adaire is my best bet.
  • Now that I'm a vampire, I cannot let Hella find out what I've become.
  • I've come a long way since our first adventure, and it's time to start earning Hadrian's respect.

History Edit

After seeing something he was never meant to, Throndir fled the only home he had ever known and began to rebuild his life in Velas. Alongside his loyal dog, Kodiak, Throndir’s sharpened survival skills has earned him a spot on the team, but his naïve nature and clouded past leave more questions than answers about what’s in it for him.

Characters, Friends at the Table official site

Throndir grew up in the isolated survivalist society of Auniq within the Mark of the Erasure, but went into exile after witnessing the disturbing experiments that the village elders, trying to learn why they had lost the youth of their species, were performing on younger elves such as himself.

Abilities Edit

Throndir is an experienced woodsman with a strong affinity for nature. His powerful bond with Kodiak enables the two of them to work together in ways that few can.

  • Hunt & Track: Throndir can follow the trail left behind by a quarry.
  • Called Shot: By aiming at range at a surprised or defenseless target, he can target their arms, legs, or head to impair or stun them.
  • Wild Empathy: Throndir can speak to and understand animals.
  • Camouflage: By standing still in natural surroundings, Throndir can remain unseen until he makes a move.
  • Kindrali's Chosen: When the Ice Party defeated the word eater that was impersonating Kindrali, Throndir formed a lasting bond with the deity due to his goblin heritage and gained the ability to receive visions of things seen by Kindrali, He Who Knows.

References Edit

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