The Sundered Land is a collection of games by D. Vincent Baker (who also designed Apocalypse World, on which Dungeon World is based) used in the episode "Do I Feel Followed?" to create a myth about Samot as told by Uklan Tel. It was designed to be playable online.

The episode adapts The Sundered Land's "A Doomed Pilgrim in the Ruins of the Future" module, which Austin retitles "A Doomed God in the Past of the Ruins".

Basics Edit

One player (in this case, Austin as Samot) is trying to see their way through the world. The other players are the world, trying to see them to their doom. They are able to do so by answering his questions, which he poses either to the group or to a specific person. In the event of direct combat, dice rolls are used to determine success.

Rules Edit

  1. Only answer my questions.
  2. If you don't already know the answer, make something up.
  3. Keep your answers short.
  4. If your answer's disruptive, I'm allowed to override it. (more applicable to a game being played via social media)
  5. Otherwise, I have to use the first answer somebody gives.

External links Edit

Official site

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