The Study is a set of private worlds that Arrell has been putting people into; both as a means of prolonging their lives and giving them additional time to think of a solution to the Heat and the Dark and as a way of getting rid of people who he feels are endangering the world or hindering his goals.

Structure Edit

Described alternatively as a "solipsist heaven" or an "eternity prison", a person who is in the Study is in an alternate version of the world as created by themselves; whether identical to the world which they have left, or one which they can remake based upon their own desires.

Arrell's list of people to put into the Study Edit

  1. After Elgash used pattern magic to counteract Arrell's spell, he instead killed Elgash.
  2. Obelday was killed by Ephrim and Hadrian before Arrell could put him away.
  3. Either due to his broken staff or a general lack of concern for Sol, Arrell never showed and Sol was executed.
  4. Victoria, Fero and Throndir fought Arrell off, breaking his staff and forcing him to retreat without whisking her away.

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