This article is about the faction. For the bar, see List of Marielda businesses.
The Gardeners were a group of elves and weavers who worshiped Samol and tried to give him power by expanding the Western Woods near Marielda.

Goals Edit

“There’s a group of people who, well, they think they’re doing me a favor, but they’re not. They think I want this forest to grow bigger, but frankly, I'm—I'm ready to see it recede."
–Sam, "Four Conversations"
The Gardeners were an ecoterrorist cult that believes there was a more pure and natural time before the factories, expansion and war of their day. They were committed to bringing Samol back into strength and power by expanding the forest. They do not use the phrase "the Heat and the Dark" but they believe in a similar idea.

Through their efforts the trees overtook much of Quince Parish and began poking into Orchid and Helianthus Parish through the city walls. Sige attempted in vain to burn back the growth.

The leaders of the cult held meetings periodically in a dilapidated shack near the southern end of the woods (possibly the same shack that had once been used to store food before and during the Quiet Year).

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