The Tea Leaf Set, also known as the tea witches, are a group of magic users in Marielda who specialize in brewing recreational and magical teas.

Activities Edit

The tea witches own a row of houses in Chrysanthemum Parish across the street from a tea shop, but most meetings take place in their backyards. As their clientele are mostly high-class, they do much of their business, which is largely illegal, by throwing nice parties.

Clients Edit

Castille is on good terms with the Tea Leaf Set, whose powders and substances can imitate or inspire various sensory impressions even for her stone body.

During "Four Conversations", Edmund Hitchcock goes with Snitch Nightly to see a tea witch named Coral to learn the location of the other piece of his map. She cuts off a corner of the paper, grinds it, and mixes it with some tea she brews and makes him drink, which induces a vision.

Former members Edit

Lance Noble Chrysanthemum used to be a tea witch. The circumstances of her departure are unknown.

Juno Eveningeyre was kicked out of the society. She now brews whiskey instead of tea.

See also Edit

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