"Sunday" redirects here. For the annual holiday, see High Sun Day.
In Hieron, as in many real-world societies, time is frequently measured in terms of a seven-day week. These names are based on religious and cultural traditions.

Days Edit

Sunday Edit

Sunday, named in honor of the sun, is the first day of the week, and the only day to share a name with its English equivalent.

Tesday Edit

Tesday (prounounced tease-day), is named after Samotes, an archaic name of the god Samothes.

Olday Edit

Olday is named after the god Samol.

Tineday Edit

Tineday is named after the god Samaantine, also known as Samotine.

Ontday Edit

Ontday is named after the god Samonta.

Oteday Edit

Oteday is named after Samote, an archaic name of the god Samot.

Kinday Edit

Kinday is named in honor of the world's two moons, Del and Bri. Alternatively or additionally, the name may refer to a weekly tradition in which clans would execute rulebreakers and choose who would count as their kin for the coming week.

Application Edit

At the end of the year, on High Sun Day, the calendar resets, and no matter what day it fell on, that day becomes the new Sunday, with the rest of the week following suit.

It is not yet clear whether these days of the week continue to be in use during the extended eclipse from Winter in Hieron, during which there is a 36-hour cycle with varying degrees of darkness.

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