Stornras Glasseye is an upwardly mobile officer in the Ordennan military.

Appearance Edit

Stornras is a large, powerfully-built man, about 6'8" or 6'9", with broad shoulders and a thick, strong frame. His left eye is glass, with no eyeball painted on. A huge burn scar runs down the left side of his face from his glass eye to his mouth, which is disfigured such that it's locked in a constant grimace.

Personality Edit

Stornras moves noisily in a way that can seem almost childish. When the Forest Party encounters Tavira's soldiers eating breakfast in the Primping Badger, he is not wearing any armor, prioritizing comfort over appearances, though at the time he was merely an attendant to the justiciars and not yet one himself.

Stornras acts with discretion, knowing when to cut his losses.

History Edit

First seen in the season one Holiday Special as the captain of the Sapphire Song, he has quickly moved up the ranks and is now a Justiciar of the Commission of Smoke and Steel. The "Hieron: The Months of Autumn" recap episodes are framed by narration from Samol to Stornras taking place after Samol recounts the events of Marielda to the player characters. At the end of the second recap episode, Samol offers Stornras a sword, saying either to kill him with it or to deliver it to the Mountain Party.

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