The stars, also known as fallen stars or Samot's Forgotten, are a group of mysterious glowing beings created by Samot in an attempt to fight the Heat and the Dark.

Created as a rushed backup plan prior to the killing of the King-God Samothes by the traitor Prince Maelgwyn, they are a people without a history or culture.

Appearance Edit

For much of the time since their creation, the stars have simply been visible as small points of light in Hieron's night sky, much like stars in our own world. However, during Winter in Hieron, they began to fall from the sky and land in places such as Rosemerrow.

Upon landing, they are glowing winged figures whose light seems not to illuminate anything around them, only themselves. In their initial confusion, some stars have destroyed the objects of the world around them in a solid flame that seems to transform the things it consumes into new objects.

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