Solomon "Sol" Cider-Brew was a halfling merchant who hired the Forest Party to protect him while shipping goods south from Velas to Twinbrook and Rosemerrow. True to his name, he owned a cider brewing business in Rosemerrow, although it was unclear what type of cider he was making before apples from Nacre were available.

Appearance Edit

Sol was chubby, with a "little too bushy" beard and a bald head. He wore a wool cap that he was prone to pulling off when shocked. He used to have a really nice pocketwatch, and his horse was a pain in the ass.

Personality Edit

Sol's sense of self-preservation means that he generally hid inside his cart whenever things got hairy. He was a real Grade-A jerk. As noted in the "Warm Assurances" episode description, Exarch Alyosha found his services less than satisfactory. He cut a deal with Arrell to be put into the Study, but with his staff damaged, Arrell didn't show and Sol was executed.

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