Snitch Nightly is a thoroughly unpleasant criminal operating in Marielda.

Personality Edit

Snitch is an annoying rascal with no sense of subtlety. He sticks around in situations where he is not wanted through a combination of obliviousness and obstinance.

History Edit

The Quiet Year Edit

During autumn of the Quiet Year, he confessed to the murders of Winsley Cartwright and Bolster Valentine, disrupting the trial of Christopher, who had already confessed to Cartwright's murder. The subsequent reinvestigation, while somewhat inconclusive, did not connect Snitch to either death. Austin has said that Snitch's decision to take the fall for murders he had not committed was a coverup for an even worse crime that he was actually responsible for[2].

Later endeavors Edit

"That's why they call me Snitch Nightly, you work with me every night whether you know it or not!"
–Snitch Nightly, "Four Conversations"
Snitch came to run a criminal enterprise known as Nightly News that had occasional dealings with The Six, who enlisted him to bring a cart to help in their getaway during the Crosstown Job without knowing that the track would reconfigure itself into the skies above the city. He was a friend of Hitchcock, sort of, although Ethan claimed that they hadn't worked together in fourteen years. He may or may not know about the twins thing.

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