Cover art by Craig Sheldon

Seasons of Hieron is the first season of Friends at the Table. It is a "post-fantasy, post-post apocalyptic" game of Dungeon World.

The season centers around two groups of adventurers on the continent of Hieron, a land devastated by a cataclysmic event an unknowable amount of years previously.

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Seasons of Hieron is mostly played in Dungeon World, with special supplements. In the holiday special, Dungeon World is mashed up with Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective as the players are called to solve a murder. Episode 20 also uses The Sundered Land to create a myth about one of the setting's gods.

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Seasons of Hieron episodes
"We're Not Calling It Duckberg" · "We Have Not Yet Begun To Be Pompous" · "You Found Out What Was Magical" · "A Podcast About Listening" · "Is It Time Already?" · "What's a Good Name For A Ship?" · "A Bad Trip" · "Boat Party?" · "On the Tip of Your Tongue" · "I'm Not Happy With This Decision At All" · "Chekhov's Torture Elf" · "Like Sneaky Little Sneaks" · "Knowledge and Ignorance" · "What A Surprise" · "I Don't Know What's in That Box" · "I've Killed Monsters" · "A Fire Hydrant of Divinity" · "Have You Ever Swung A Sword At A Ghost Before?" · "Those Woods You Chose" · "As Death's Eyes Look Over the World" · "Magic (Or Something) Is All Around Us" · "Violence Mulligan Mulligan" · "Do I Feel Followed?" · "The Storm Over Tristero" · "Closing the Window" · "Spinning Straw Out of Gold" · "A Paladin is a Tool" · "Work Off Your Sins" · "Why Are You Here, Again?" · "The Shores of Ordenna" · "A Choice About What You Believe" · "Live Post Mortem"
Seasons of Hieron ("Hieron: The Months of Autumn") · Marielda · Winter in Hieron

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