Samot, formerly known as Samote, is a deity of Hieron. His symbol is an open book behind a goblet. He is also associated with wolves.

Appearance Edit

Samot has a young, beautiful face, blonde hair, and violet eyes. He is described during Winter in Hieron as wearing gold and silver armor and a pure white cloak that appears to be silk or linen, but feels like a wolf's fur to the touch (prior to giving the cloak to Hadrian). Austin has likened his appearance to Reinhard von Lohengramm from the anime Legend of Galactic Heroes.

Influence Edit

Samot's influence has been felt frequently in Friends at the Table, starting from Lem and Hadrian's vision in the tower of Eventide. On some instances when Hadrian has sought guidance from Samothes, he has been answered by Samot instead, and Hadrian now even wears Samot's cloak.

Oteday is named after him, from the archaic form of his name.

History Edit

Spoiler: Marielda

Samot was once a word eater and one of numerous shadows sent to Hieron by Nothing, notable for casting "violence longer than any other". He trapped and killed Severea and stole her name, but was so enchanted by its beauty that he did not return it immediately to Nothing, and instead began to travel Hieron. In retaliation, the Heat and the Dark sent a shadow of Severea to kill him, and Samot released Severea's name during his confrontation with the wolf shadow. These events are described by Uklan Tel's story in "Do I Feel Followed?". Samol then rewarded Samot by granting him a body, and later godhood.

Samot became interested in teaching mortals, but refrained from doing so out of respect for Samothes, who maintained strict control over learning and knowledge. However, Samot was able to garner Samothes' affection, and Samothes agreed to both teach Samot and help him found a school, meant to be "the one place where folks could learn under the blessing of the gods". Samot would later go against Samothes' wishes to bring learning to mortals beyond the walls of the first university.

Samol gave Samot and Samothes a mansion between their respective homes in "the rolling plains of celebration" and the City of Light. The two gods lived in that mansion with their son Maelgwyn shortly before the events of Marielda. Aubrey has a vision during "The Valentine Affair Pt. 4" revealing that Samot and Samothes separated after an argument about how to deal with the Heat and the Dark.

During Marielda, Christopher reveals himself to have personally taught Samot, and claims to have known Samot "before he did anything". Castille also has memories of Samot asking for advice before the war with Samothes.

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