This article is about the character. For the song of the same name, see Inside & Outside: Friends At The Table Soundtrack, Season Three.

Samol, nicknamed Sam, is a deity of Hieron. Once, nothingness flinched, and he was born. He gives his body and blood to be worked on, and all things are of him. His icon is divided into four and holds an uprooted blooming tree in one hand and a ball of fire in the other. He is an avid guitarist.

Appearance Edit

Samol has very dark skin (darker than Sige's), blue eyes, and a somewhat angular and androgynous build, described by Austin as "what if David Bowie was super black".

When Sige met him, Samol wore brown slacks and suspenders, a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a wide hat that shielded his face.

Samol also appeared during the Quiet Year in the form of a monstrous purple plesiosaur that emerged from the water around Marielda, broke through a cracked section of the wall, and went on a rampage. As the creature came onto the beach, its fins began to pick up sand which formed around them into legs, feet, and claws. Similarly, it picked up stone as it moved through the broken wall, becoming a mixture of mortar, dirt, rock and scaly flesh.

Legacy Edit

People tend to personify Samol less than other gods, as he's simply seen as just being earth.

Olday is named after him.