Rosemerrow is the largest city in northwestern Hieron, the traditional center of halfling culture, and the hometown of Fero Feritas.

History Edit

Rosemerrow was once inhabited by both gnolls and halflings, but gradually the latter drove out the former (though this fact is a matter of contentious debate). The city is named after Rosalind Marroweater, a halfling from the time of the Marielda interlude who stole a piece of the sun from Samothes's palace. In recent years, the city has grown at what feels like an unnaturally fast pace, and it is a center of both agriculture and trading. The city is a mixture of new and old culture, but even the new gestures toward the old.

Geography Edit

Rosemerrow is a group of semi-independent municipalities who each have their own government, with an elected chancellor presiding over the city.

Districts Edit

RoseheartKnoll HollowWestshoreCreek CrescentThe KickshawThe MillsWistful PeaksViridian VillageFlank FieldsThe Long SandsRosemerrowmap
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Map of Rosemerrow (Click on a district to go to its page)

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