This article is about Rebecca, Orchid Parish's second Lance Noble. For her predecessor, see Lance Noble Orchid.
Rebecca, later known as Lance Noble Orchid, was an adversary of The Six as a lawkeeper in Marielda, first as an agent of the Fontmen, and later as a Lance Noble.

Appearance Edit

Rebecca's first appearance was in the uniform of the Fontmen; wearing a suit and bowler cap, and carrying the organization's trademark cane. At the end of this encounter, Hitchcock cut off her hand.

After joining the Golden Lance, Rebecca begins wearing the agency's trademark long coat, but does not carry its usual arms; instead of their magic gun, she still wields the cane she did during her time in the Fontmen. At this time, she has a new hand (not a prosthesis) of a different skin color. She also bears signs of having thrown herself heavily into the job of Lance Noble Orchid, and has multiple scars on her face.

History Edit

Rebecca and three other Fontmen first faced off against The Six during a standoff with Castille and Edmund Hitchcock outside a cobbler's shop in the Hanging Gardens of Maelgwyn. Even as all of her colleagues were deterred by Castille's summoning and subsequent capture of Bolster Valentine, Rebecca pressed onwards, burning Edmund with her cane before he disarmed her and cut off her hand.

She would go on to take over as Lance Noble for Orchid Parish following the death of the previous Lance Noble Orchid. Having attained this rank, she dropped by to threaten The Six at brunch before High Sun Day, warning the group that she was watching them. She was not swayed by Castille's flirtations.

Approximately a year after The Six's final job, Rebecca recruited Sige Coleburn to the Golden Lance.

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