Quince Parish, also known as Quinceton, is the westernmost district of Marielda, located outside the city wall north of the Western Wood.

Appearance Edit

This area is where most of the elves in Marielda live. The one part of the island where it isn't warm, Quince is snowy and cold, a remnant of Samot's attempted invasion at the end of the Quiet Year. The parish is a mix of Deadwood-style frontier visuals with rural medieval Japan: dirt roads and wooden buildings, drums and hanging lanterns.


The elves' bridge, built during the Quiet Year, used to connect Quince to the continent. Many of the elves and weavers living in Quince have a strained relationship with those living in the city proper, believing that they should live in a less industrial society rather than pushing for integration in the city as it is.

The orc Morket Dal is stationed in the parish as Lance Noble Quince.

Parishes of Marielda
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