The Order of Eternal Princes is a small group of devout soldiers within the Creed of Samothes, trained in both ministry and battle. The paladin Hadrian is a member of this order.

Background Edit

Hadrian grew up hearing stories of heroism by the officers of the order from Prelate Lucius: slaying evildoers, stopping cults, punishing blasphemers, saving orphans. However, he has never met another member of the order older than himself.

Initiation Edit

Hadrian's swearing-in ceremony was performed in Velas by Prelate Lucius. The others being sworn in included a couple from Rosemerrow (considered trail-blazers at the time), one orc from the New Archives, someone who fled The Last University, and a couple villagers from elsewhere in northwest Hieron.

There has been another class or two sworn in since Hadrian's ceremony, and there are others yet in training. He has not seen another member of the order for several years.

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