Ordennan steel, also known as aserem, is a metal found only on the island of Ordenna. It has antimagical properties, proving lethal to the undead of Nacre and partially resisting Ephrim's efforts to reshape it.

Properties Edit

The metal of Ordenna has held antimagical properties as long as the island has existed, but people only gradually became aware of its specific value in the last fifty years or so, with the knowledge first developing among Ordennan culture before gradually filtering out to other areas.

Ordennan steel is highly sought-after for use against opponents or creatures of supernatural or magical capabilities. When a person is killed with Ordennan steel, their spirit slips beyond the reach of Adelaide Tristé and into the Nothing, preventing them from coming back as an undead being. However, when Ephrim was inadvertently hit and killed by Devar's Ordennan steel crossbow bolts of in a fight with Jeremy, he encountered an incarnation of Samothes who was able to return him to life.

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