Old Man's Chin is a village in the woods south of Twinbrook. It is home to a diverse group of mothkin, weavers, and oni, all living together and dependent upon the Weaver King.

Etymology Edit

The village is named after the resemblance of Hieron's nearby coastline to a man's face and chin.

Relations Edit

Although the settlement has no human residents and indeed had an acrimonious relationship with Twinbrook at the start of Winter in Hieron, its name is known to humans, as seen in an ad for the Unveiling of Glass in the Seasons of Hieron Holiday Special investigation documents, which claims that people come "even from Old Man's Chin!" to see the event. Given that Red Jack, a prominent figure in the Old Man's Chin community, is seen by Velasians as a somewhat mythical figure or bogeyman, it is possible that this claim is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

Settlements in Hieron
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