Mountain Party is the nickname given to the group of Lem, Fero, Ephrim and Fantasmo in Winter in Hieron. Tweets from @Friends_Table about their episodes include the ⛰️ or 🏔️ emoji.

Members Edit

Episodes Edit

Part one Edit

  1. "A Museum in the Distance"
  2. "A Combination of Notes"
  3. "All Violence, All Brains"
  4. "The Meeting House"

Part two Edit

  1. "Undelivered Resignations"
  2. "Make The Spring Last Forever"
  3. "The Shield of Our Will‎"
  4. "Make the Library Smile"
  5. "Twenty Two Brown Birds"
  6. "A Good Metaphor"
  7. "Slow Justice"

Notes Edit

  1. Lem switches to the Forest Party between "Twenty Two Brown Birds" and "A Good Metaphor".
  2. Fantasmo is only present for the first part of the season, leaving the party after "The Meeting House".
  3. 3.0 3.1 Throndir and Kodiak join the Forest Party at the beginning of "A Shattering Note".

See also Edit

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