My light is flickering

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In one way or another, High Sun Day is celebrated all across Hieron. After all, there is a day each year on which the sun hangs in the sky, resplendent, for what feels like an impossibly long time. After all, there is a day each year on which the heat gets so strong, the weight of the summer becomes so much, that a celebration must be thrown. On the perimeters of encampments on the plains and forests, light dances brilliantly, impossibly. The orcs have called up thousands of reflective objects, shields, mirrored boxes, from their collections and positioned them along the tops of the walls. From a distance, the settlements appear ringed by flame. The sun does not reach the dwarven cities, deep underground, but the stone feels warm to the touch. They close the heavy doors and snuff out the light and in the darkness hear the sound of the stone cooling. In Marielda, there is a train. There is a train and a volcano and dancing in the streets. A god beloved and feared, a populace, for once, at ease. It is High Sun Day again.

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Like I was saying, hatin' would have had created in me nothin' made death. Only thing is, death and me became fast friends. Like a farmer and a butcher. We saw the same things, just from different sides. Tristero was too much like me. He was, after all, a material being, too, and seeing that, nothing stopped sending material beings to kill me, and started sending something else. Shadows. Temporary. Fickle. Wandering killers. And one shadow, well, he cast violence longer than any other. In a daring ploy, he led my sister, Severea, whose domain was all things alive, but especially wolves, into a trap. He slew her, and stole her name away, and the Heat and the Dark approved. But her name was beautiful, and real, and not like anything he'd ever heard before. So instead of returning it to nothingness, he kept it close to his chest. And he began to travel the world. The Heat, the Dark, well, they didn't like that too much. So they sent a new shadow after him. They sent her shadow, a corrupted child of Severea, wolf-god. And that new wolf, that dark dog, it caught him that day in the valley of the Hewed Peak along the Lushwood. All he had was some loose cloth, her name, and a vast and deadly patience. So he waited, locked eyes with it, and when the moment came, defended himself from its fangs and claws long enough to release my sister back into the world. Her arrival didn't just leash that shadow. It echoed out across the world. So joyous was she to move again, so happy was I to see her, that she filled Hieron, she filled me, with new imaginary creatures, with impossible horns and unlikely wings, steel backs, and strange glows. She did not forgive her killer, though, not for many years. Frankly, it took some time before I fully forgave the boy, too. But I rewarded him, then and there. He was just a boy, after all. And that day, he became my boy. My little prince. Samot, the Knower of Things, the Boy Who Apologized, the one who realized that we didn't just have the power to make things, we had the responsibility to remake ourselves.

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