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The orcs of Hieron have a vast, perhaps innumerable, array of gods whose hyper-specific domains are expressed through a system of honorifics. It is ambiguous whether any supernatural abilities or other distinguishing characteristics are associated with being an orc god, or if all it takes to be an orc god is being referred to in this way by someone.

Gods Edit

Character Title
Morket Dal Marquis of Valleys, Lost Letters, and the Second Cool Breeze
Corsica Neue Baroness of Broken Branches and Undelivered Resignations[note 1]
Lem King King of Violins and Awkward Conversations[note 2]
The Grey Duke Duke of Halted Expeditions and Unexpected Alliances

Notes Edit

  1. It is not clear if Corsica's use of this title actually means that she is an orc god, or if she's even an orc.
  2. Lem was called this by Corsica, probably as a joke.

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