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The following is a list of characters involved with the Winter in Hieron arc in which the Forest Party travels southeast from Wharfhurst in search of the Tower of Samol.

Travelers Edit

Adaire Edit

Main article: Adaire
Adaire, the Thief, is a human cartographer with criminal ties. Generally mistrustful of authority, she professes an interest in mutually beneficial deals, but generally acts on her own interests. Adaire is played by Janine Hawkins.

 Hadrian Edit

Main article: Hadrian
Hadrian, the Paladin, is a human from Velas who is a devout follower of Samothes and member of the Order of Eternal Princes. Soldier and priest, Hadrian carries himself with divine authority, and his physical prowess is augmented by holy powers. Hadrian is played by Art Martinez-Tebbel.

 Hella Varal Edit

Main article: Hella Varal
Hella Varal, the Fighter, is a stern and angsty human from Ordenna who wields an ancient sword and addresses problems through violence. She is played by Ali Acampora.

 Throndir Edit

Main article: Throndir
Throndir, the Ranger, is a snow elf from the settlement of Auniq, near the Mark of the Erasure. Having spent much of his life in the wilderness with only Kodiak by his side, Throndir is a skilled marksman and an expert at surviving in the wild. Following the investigation of Gilbert Lutz's presumed murder, he is newly coming to terms with being a vampire. Throndir is played by Andrew Lee Swan.

Kodiak Edit

Main article: Kodiak
Kodiak is a large dog and Throndir's trusty companion.

Alyosha Edit

Main article: Exarch Alyosha
Exarch Alyosha is a traveling missionary who was called from Rosemerrow to Velas as a temporary leader for the church after the death of Prelate Lucius. After bringing Hadrian's family and other refugees south from a now-conquered Velas, Alyosha is accompanying the Forest Party on their journey to the Tower of Samol.

Lem King Edit

Main article: Lem King
Lem King, the Bard, is a charming orc who stole a violin from The New Archives and went on the run. After returning to the Archives, Lem took part in a pattern magic ritual orchestrated by Uklan Tel and Jean Kurr which transported him to The Mansion and sent Throndir and Kodiak back to the Archives in his place. He is played by Jack de Quidt.

Below the tower Edit

The Buoy Edit

The Mansion Edit

Others Edit

Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Bringlight and Lockgood were among the group of wharvers wearing the symbol of Samothes encountered by the Forest Party, but not identified by name.

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