The following is a list of characters appearing in Part 1 and Part 2 of "The City of Light", the opening of the Marielda interlude as played in The Quiet Year.

Bolster Valentine Edit

Main article: Bolster Valentine
Bolster Valentine was a human man who emerged from the mage tower and went to recruit students from the Golden Zone. He was murdered with lava-water, possibly by the pala-din.

Charter Castille Edit

Main article: Charter Castille
Charter Castille was an elf woman who emerged from the mage tower and went to recruit students from Canopy Row. She died in a wizard duel with the underground school of magic.

Christopher Edit

Main article: Christopher
Christopher was a priest of the Church of Samothes who was disgraced after admitting to tutoring Samot many years prior. He spent much of the Quiet Year attempting to make up for these sins, and confessed to killing Winsley Cartwright as an act of penance.

Hedy Braum Edit

Main articles: Hedy Braum (human), Hedy Braum (weaver)
Hedy Braum was a charismatic young woman from Canopy Row who led the first expedition into the Western Wood to harvest lumber. She disappeared during the expedition under mysterious circumstances.

Later, a weaver whose stretched body resembled Hedy's was found inside a tree and she returned to Canopy Row, going by the same name. The exact connection between the two became vague and uneasy after the discovery of the human Hedy's body in the forest, and the weaver Hedy briefly left Marielda before eventually returning to Canopy Row.

Maelgwyn Edit

Main article: Maelgwyn
Maelgwyn was a handsome man with the air of Samothes who worked in some sort of 'secret police' capacity. He led members of the original school to shift the tides in the wizard duel between the mage tower and the underground school. Later, Maelgwyn began organizing an army in the northern part of the island before disappearing mysteriously.

Samol Edit

Main article: Samol
Samol is a deity who represents the earth. He gives his body and blood to be worked on, and all things are of him. During the Quiet Year, he appears in Marielda in the form of a monstrous purple monster that emerges from the ocean, breaks through a cracked section of the wall, and goes on a violent rampage through the southeastern part of the city. Samol also provides the episodes' opening narration, as voiced by Austin Walker.

Samot Edit

Main article: Samot
Samot, the Boy-Traitor, the Boy-King in Leisure, God of Books and Wine; is the god locked in war with Samothes, whose armies are advancing on Marielda.

Samothes Edit

Main article: Samothes
Samothes, King-God, the Artificer Divine, Once-And-Future King of Hieron and the Eternal Princes; is the watchful deity of knowledge and invention who rules over Marielda from his volcano and, prior to the Quiet Year, pulled the island away from the mainland.

Snitch Nightly Edit

Main article: Snitch Nightly
Snitch Nightly was a man who confessed to the murders of both Bolster Valentine and Winsley Cartwright, throwing the trial of Christopher into disarray. The subsequent reinvestigation did not implicate Snitch in either murder, though no convictions were ever made.

Tamsyn Edit

Main article: Claret Holiday
Tamsyn was an impetuous young woman in Canopy Row whose family was killed in the events of Marielda's move from the mainland. Newly orphaned, she killed a young nobleman who demanded the rights to her family's large estate. Tamsyn later left Canopy Row and joined Maelgwyn's army, which she came to lead after his disappearance. By the time of The Six, she had begun going by the name Claret Holiday.

Thaddeus and Rodmund Mung Edit

Main article: Thaddeus and Rodmund Mung
Thaddeus and Rodmund Mung are a pair of brothers who miraculously returned to Marielda after being stranded on an obsidian berg in the midst of the burning seas.

Winsley Cartwright Edit

Main article: Winsley Cartwright
Winsley Cartwright was a human alchemist whose knowledge of languages helped him form the first lines of communication with the cobbins of the black sand beaches. He went on to have a key role in the founding of an informal school based on reading books from the Golden Zone's library. His murdered corpse was later discovered outside the city's western wall, with multiple stab wounds.

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