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The following is a list of characters involved with the arc in which the Ice Party travels to investigate the Mark of the Erasure.

Adventurers Edit

Hadrian Edit

Main article: Hadrian
Hadrian, the Paladin, is a human from Velas who is a devout follower of Samothes and member of the Order of Eternal Princes. Soldier and priest, Hadrian carries himself with divine authority, and his physical prowess is augmented by holy powers. Hadrian is played by Art Tebbel.

The Great Fantasmo Edit

Main article: The Great Fantasmo
The Great Fantasmo, the Wizard, is an old elf who once taught aspiring mages at the Lost University. Introverted and condescending, he is always keen to study spells and magical artifacts, and scorns opposing worldviews. Fantasmo is played by Nick Scratch.

Throndir Edit

Main article: Throndir
Throndir, the Ranger, is a snow elf from the settlement of Auniq, near the Mark of the Erasure. Having spent much of his life in the wilderness with only Kodiak by his side, Throndir is a skilled marksman and an expert at surviving in the wild. He is played by Andrew Lee Swan.

Kodiak Edit

Main article: Kodiak
Kodiak is a large dog and Throndir's trusty companion.

Wilderness Edit

Auniq Edit

Mark of the Erasure Edit

A Doomed God in the Past of the Ruins Edit

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