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The following is a list of characters in the first arc of Friends at the Table, in which a group of adventurers investigate Eventide Island, believed to be the source of strange ocean activity.

Expedition Edit

Captain Calhoun Edit

Main article: Captain Calhoun
The Expedition Leader as appointed by the Velas City Council, Calhoun is captain of the ship that brings the adventurers most of the way to Eventide. When the others disembark into small boats to approach the island, Captain Calhoun remains in the ship to await their return.

The Great Fantasmo Edit

Main article: The Great Fantasmo
The Great Fantasmo, the Wizard, is an old elf who once taught aspiring mages at the Lost University. Introverted and condescending, he is always keen to study spells and magical artifacts, and scorns opposing worldviews. Fantasmo was appointed to the unpaid role of Chief Consultant on the expedition to Eventide. He is played by Nick Scratch.

Fero Feritas Edit

Main article: Fero Feritas
Fero Feritas, the Druid, is a frank and energetic halfling from Rosemerrow who left his hometown to live in the mountains near the New Archives and commune with the wilderness. He possesses the ability to speak with and transform into any animal whose essence he has studied. He is played by Keith J Carberry.

 Hadrian Edit

Main article: Hadrian
Hadrian, the Paladin, is a human from Velas who is a devout follower of Samothes and member of the Order of Eternal Princes. Soldier and priest, Hadrian carries himself with divine authority, and his physical prowess is augmented by holy powers. Hadrian is played by Art Tebbel.

 Hella Varal Edit

Main article: Hella Varal
Hella Varal, the Fighter, is a stern human from Ordenna who wields an ancient sword and addresses problems through violence. She is played by Ali Acampora.

Lem King Edit

Main article: Lem King
Lem King, the Bard, is a charming orc who stole a violin from the New Archives and is now on the run. He can use his instrument to produce pattern magic effects. He is played by Jack de Quidt.

Love letters Edit

Island dwellers Edit


Human-faced cormorants (Art by @tremblehorse)

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