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The following is a list of characters from the Autumn in Hieron arc in which the Boat Party sails south from Velas with plans to visit a tower near Rosemerrow before being attacked by the pirates of the Kingdom Come and traveling to the forgotten city of Nacre.

Adventurers Edit


The Boat Party (Art by @Six_of_Wands)

Hella Varal Edit

Main article: Hella Varal
Hella Varal, the Fighter, is a stern human from Ordenna who wields an ancient sword and addresses problems through violence. She is played by Ali Acampora.

Lem King Edit

Main article: Lem King
Lem King, the Bard, is a charming orc who stole a violin from the New Archives and is now on the run. He can use his instrument to produce pattern magic effects. He is played by Jack de Quidt.

Fero Feritas Edit

Main article: Fero Feritas
Fero Feritas, the Druid, is a frank and energetic halfling from Rosemerrow who left his hometown to live in the mountains near the New Archives and commune with the wilderness. He possesses the ability to speak with and transform into any animal whose essence he has studied. He is played by Keith J Carberry.

Velas Edit

Kingdom Come Edit

Nacre Edit

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