Map of Velas by Janine Hawkins

The following is a list of characters in the Autumn in Hieron Holiday Special.

Golden Lance & deputies Edit

Victim Edit

Gloria's people of interest Edit

  • Ansa O. Alsa - Ambassador, Ordennan Embassy
  • Jericho Alum - Marliner Dock worker, Sunshine Lodgings
  • Tarn Arthas - Velas main gate guard, North Net
  • Frank DiPazzo - Proprietor, The Laughing Buck
  • Sy Elmore - Rosemerrow ambassador, Sunset Plaza
  • Espanarde the Great and Eclectic - "Illusionist", Southern Gardens
  • Stornras Glasseye - Ordennan ship captain, the Sapphire Song
  • Sid Half-Off - Halfling merchant, Rosemerrow Import Emporium
  • Alison Hightown - Shop owner, Spearfish St.
  • Henrietta Kast - Shop owner, Kast's Heavy Tackle & Supplies
  • Lucius - Prelate, temple of Samothes
  • Captain Marshall - Guard captain, Garden District Gate
  • Dr. K Mirranne - "Alchem-est", The Sinking Stars Curios, Decoctions, and Antiques
  • Federica J - Tailor - The Corner Exchange
  • Fisher Lacey - Proprietor - Bottom o' the Flounder
  • Morbash - Archivist-Collector - New Archives Velas Branch
  • Helena Moore - Diviner & psychic - The Corner Exchange
  • Elgash Or - Archivist - New Archives Velas Branch
  • Mitta Parr - "Snow elf", South Net
  • Lael Rankine - Elf fisherman - West Docks
  • Michaud - Retired captain, The Sweet Fragments fishing trawler, Velasian Approach
  • Grey Rasmussen - "Odd Jobs", Rat's Burrow Hard Drinks & Hostelry
  • Lucas Robel - Sun District representative, North Beach
  • Sam Shook - Fish District gate guard, South Net
  • Locke Samuels - Prison guard, North Net
  • Therat Saal - Ordennan guest, North Net Prison Likely in the Embassy
  • Qoqa Sterral - Fish District representative, Grand Veranda
  • The Great Fantasmo

Others Edit

  • Danielle Hightown - child who found Gregalos's body, daughter of Alison Hightown

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