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The following is a list of characters appearing in episodes 3 through 14 of the Marielda interlude, which follow the exploits of The Six, a gang of knowledge-peddlers in the city of Marielda.

The Six Edit


Members of The Six, by Sam Beck

Aubrey Zosim Edit

Main article: Aubrey Zosim
Aubrey Zosim is a cobbin alchemist and smuggler from Emberboro. Despite being a member of a notorious criminal gang, Aubrey tries to avoid ever permanently harming anyone. Aubrey is played by Andi Clare.

Castille Edit

Main article: Castille
Castille is a sentient pala-din who lives in an Iris Parish studio apartment and works as a blacksmith. In addition to the female statue body she typically inhabits, Castille can also slip her consciousness into a black porcelain cat figurine. Castille is played by Ali Acampora.

Edmund Hitchcock Edit

Main article: Edmund Hitchcock
Edmund Hitchcock is a scoundrel and former cavalryman who now teaches dancing at a school in Chrysanthemum Parish. His twin brother's school is in the basement. Edmund is played by Jack de Quidt.

Ethan Hitchcock Edit

Main article: Ethan Hitchcock
Ethan Hitchcock is a scoundrel and former cavalryman who now teaches dueling at a school in Chrysanthemum Parish. His twin brother's school is upstairs. Ethan is played by Jack de Quidt.

Sige Coleburn Edit

Main article: Sige Coleburn
Sige Coleburn is a muscular former factory worker who turned to crime after losing two fingers in a manufacturing accident. The son of a rich family from the Golden Zone, he was orphaned in the war with Samot at the end of the Quiet Year, and in his spare time he works on repairing the magical boat his family once helped build, in hopes of escaping the island. Sige is played by Andrew Lee Swan.

Associates of The Six Edit

Cohorts Edit

Frank and Beans Edit

Main article: Frank and Beans
Frank and Beans are a pair of golden retrievers that Castille took from the Office of Lost Materials. They now live in The Six's hideout.

Peg Edit

Main article: Peg
Peg is a weaver train engineer recruited during the Crosstown Job. She can be rather unnerving and pushy, and is very protective of Zaktrak.

Zaktrak Edit

Main article: Zaktrak
Zaktrak is a nervous cobbin train engineer recruited during the Crosstown Job.

Caroline Fair-Play Edit

Main article: Caroline Fair-Play
Caroline Fair-Play is a student at both of Hitchcock's schools, though a better duelist than dancer. She is inside Memoriam College as a prospective student during the Valentine Affair, and ends up joining the crew as a cohort afterward. She is the twin sister of Carolyn Fair-Play.

Miss Salary Edit

Main article: Miss Salary
Miss Salary was a bubbly young member of the Yellow House before her compatriots were all killed in the library of Memoriam College, at which point she joined up with The Six.

Contacts Edit

Ailen Cartwright Edit

Ailen Cartwright is The Six's broker contact, a person with lots of useful connections who can help set up meetings and get useful information.

Claret Holiday Edit

Main article: Claret Holiday

Claret Holiday was the vampire leader of the Red Rank Irregulars, a crew of mercenary soldiers based in Violet Parish and allied with The Six. She was later revealed to have secretly also been Lance Noble Violet.

Daisy Velour Edit

Daisy Velour is the owner of an upscale shop where Castille sells the iron goods she crafts in her studio.

Gentle Johnny Edit

Gentle Johnny is a weaver who has helped Aubrey smuggle alchemical supplies into Emberboro.

Lilith R'ion Edit

Main article: Lilith R'ion
Lilith R'ion is a half-elf, half-orc hustler from Quince Parish who makes a living selling elven artifacts, real or fake. Sige often seeks her out when he needs magical objects to melt down for fixing up his boat.

Snitch Nightly Edit

Main article: Snitch Nightly
Snitch Nightly is an annoying and obstinate ne'er-do-well and acquaintance of Hitchcock's who runs a criminal organization called the Nightly News.

Deities Edit

Maelgwyn Edit

Main article: Maelgwyn
Maelgwyn, a handsome and confident man who disappeared during the Quiet Year, is the son of Samot and Samothes. The Six free him from imprisonment in the Memoriam College vault. He wears a gauntlet that channels his power, and becomes convinced that he must kill his father Samothes to stop the Heat and the Dark.

Samol Edit

Main article: Samol
Samol is a deity who represents the earth. He gives his body and blood to be worked on, and all things are of him. Fond of guitars and nature, he is a parental figure for Samothes and Samot, but has begun dying. Samol also provides each episode's opening narration, as voiced by Austin Walker.

Samonta Edit

Main article: Samonta
Samonta, once called Severea, is the god of all living things but especially wolves. She is also associated with wind, ships, and trade.

Samontine Edit

Main article: Samaantine
Samaantine is a deity associated with armor, shielding, and protection.

Samot Edit

Samot and samothes

Samot and Samothes (Art by @hnnhhhn)

Main article: Samot
Samot, the Boy-Traitor, the Boy-King in Leisure, God of Books and Wine, is locked in war with Samothes. His armies attacked Marielda fifteen years prior and are advancing on the city once more.

Samothes Edit

Main article: Samothes
Samothes, King-God, the Artificer Divine, Once-And-Future King of Hieron and the Eternal Princes; is the watchful deity of knowledge and invention who rules over Marielda from his volcano.

Tristero Edit

Main article: Tristero
Tristero is the god of death, who retired to Nacre and sealed it off from the world. A group of former refugees in Marielda called the Hospitallers of Tristero worship him.

The Golden Lance Edit

Thackeray Edit

Main article: Thackeray
Thackeray, also known as Lance Sovereign Marielda, is a dour man who has been Hitchcock's bitter rival since they were captains of adjacent regiments, a time capped off by Thackeray losing his nose in a duel with one of the scoundrel twins. Since that ill-fated day, Thackeray has been promoted to Lance Sovereign, the leader of the Golden Lance in the city of Marielda.

Lance Noble Chrysanthemum Edit

Main article: Lance Noble Chrysanthemum
The officer of the Golden Lance assigned to Chrysanthemum Parish is a former tea witch who wears a skirt and short jacket rather than the agency's traditional longcoat.

Lance Noble Helianthus Edit

Main article: Lance Noble Helianthus
Lance Noble Helianthus used to be a building superintendent in Helianthus before finding a Lancer's gun and doing the right thing with it, after which Samothes appointed her to the unit.

Lance Noble Iris Edit

Main article: Lance Noble Iris
An old man with a fondness for candy, Lance Noble Iris has lived in Marielda since before it was called Marielda.

Lance Noble Orchid Edit

Main article: Lance Noble Orchid
The Lance Noble of Orchid Parish is the youngest member of the Golden Lance, an immature man with a chip on his shoulder whose gun was stolen by Sige Coleburn. Sige later stole Orchid's gun a second time and left him to die in Memoriam College.

Lance Noble Quince Edit

Main article: Lance Noble Quince
Also known as Morket Dal, Marquis of Valleys, Lost Letters, and the Second Cool Breeze, Quinceton's Lance Noble is one of the only orcs in the city. He wears a cowboy hat, smokes cigars, and wields a glowing blade in lieu of the Golden Lance's traditional sidearm.

Lance Noble Violet Edit

See Claret Holiday.

Rebecca Edit

Main article: Rebecca
Rebecca first shows up in Marielda as an agent of the Fontmen during their war with The Six, but retreats from a skirmish in the Hanging Gardens of Maelgwyn after Hitchcock cuts off her hand. She is later promoted to Lance Noble Orchid after the previous officer dies during The Valentine Affair. As a member of the Golden Lance, her hand has been replaced with one of a different skin color, but she still carries the trademark burning cane of the Fontmen.

The Crosstown Job Edit

Ali Edit

Main article: Ali (character)
Ali is a steward stationed in the breakfast car of the Crosstown Express. Edmund tells them that he is looking for his missing son.

Betting passenger Edit

The betting passenger is a man from Helianthus riding the Crosstown Express who bets his friend that he will get to work first. Sige punches him in the face as a distraction and nearly sends him out the window.

Betting pedestrian Edit

The betting pedestrian is a man from Helianthus who, skeptical of trains, bets his friend that he will get to work first on foot. He will not.

Breakfast car attendant Edit

The breakfast car attendant is a kindly older bald man working behind the bar in a dining car filled with passengers from Orchid Parish. He reassures a sobbing Edmund not to cry on Train Day. Orange juice is his favorite of the juices.

Jeremy Edit

Main article: Jeremy (steward)
Jeremy is the steward stationed at the end of the breakfast car opposite Ali.

Old man from Chrysanthemum Edit

While moving to the front of the train, Edmund has a disconcertingly long conversation in the ballroom car with a very old member of Maelgwyn's Faithful from Chrysanthemum Parish. The man, who gives the impression of being from an impossibly far away time, claims to have known Samot (who he will not mention by name) in the old days, but remained faithful to Samothes. He speaks very slowly, in a somewhat hoarse voice, with lots of pauses and sentences that trail off or restart partway through.

Passenger car steward Edit

The passenger car steward is a railroad employee stationed in the rear of the train at the door to the engine. He tries uselessly to attack Sige after witnessing the brawl created to allow Castille to enter the engine car.

The Valentine Affair Edit

Bolster Valentine Edit

Main article: Bolster Valentine
Bolster Valentine was the ghost of a human mage murdered in Marielda fifteen years prior. Castille accidentally summons him during a fight in the Hanging Gardens of Maelgwyn; she then traps him in a spirit bottle before releasing him again in the Memoriam College library.

The Valentine Affair revolves around The Six's attempt to steal Mortal Liminality, a book written by Valentine during the Quiet Year, from Memoriam College.

Carolyn Fair-Play Edit

Main article: Carolyn Fair-Play
Carolyn Fair-Play-is-a-Fool's-Game was a student at both of Hitchcock's schools, though a better duelist than dancer. She was inside Memoriam College during the Valentine Affair, ostensibly to become a student but actually to steal the Book of Life from the library vault. She was killed by Rector Sabinia while trying to escape the college. She was the twin sister of Caroline Fair-Play.

Cobbler Edit

The cobbler is the proprietor of a quiet shoe store in a secluded part of the Hanging Gardens of Maelgwyn where Castille and Edmund Hitchcock fight with Bolster Valentine and the Fontmen.

Elias Edit

Main article: Elias
Elias is a well-to-do apothecary, Chief Alchemist of Marielda, and a rival of Aubrey.

Gentle The-Night-You-Were-Born Edit

Main article: Gentle The-Night-You-Were-Born
Gentle is a proctor for the admission exams at Memoriam College. He skips the orientation banquet because he is feeling sick, but lets Hitchcock borrow a map of the school.

Professor Hectares Edit

Main article: Professor Hectares
Professor Hectares is a notorious instructor at Memoriam who may or may not actually exist. Hitchcock poses as him.

Layabout Edit

Main article: Layabout
Layabout is the horse Hitchcock is riding during a dream-vision.

Master Latitude Edit

Main article: Master Latitude
Master Latitude is a young member of the Yellow House who seems to be a werewolf. He was killed in the library vault by Carolyn Fair-Play.

Mrs. Manufactory Edit

Main article: Mrs. Manufactory
Mrs. Manufactory was the leader of a group of Yellow House operatives trying to steal the Book of Life from Memoriam College. She was killed by Carolyn Fair-Play.

Rector Sabinia Edit

Main article: Rector Sabinia
Rector Sabinia is a prominent and reclusive religious figure who is the head of Memoriam College. While searching for a solution to the Heat and the Dark, she found herself swallowed by it and went mad. She was killed by Miss Salary with Winston Cartwright's dark knife.

Brother Silas Edit

Main article: Brother Silas
Brother Silas, also known as Prelate Silas, is a high-ranking priest in the Creed of Samothes who attends the Memoriam College orientation banquet yearly to give a blessing. He and Hitchcock, the latter impersonating Professor Hectares, sneak off to the operating theatre, where Silas assaults Hitchcock and skulks off to do his own covert business.

Winsley Cartwright Edit

Main article: Winsley Cartwright
Winsley Cartwright is the ghost of a human alchemist murdered during the Quiet Year outside Marielda's western wall. As a spirit, he is now in charge of the Winsley Cartwright Living Library at Memoriam College. He is the father of Winston Cartwright.

Winston Cartwright Edit

Main article: Winston Cartwright
Winston Cartwright, also known as Mister Calendar, was a Yellow House agent with a serious demeanor who carried a strange knife. He was killed by Sige in front of his father Winsley.

Four Conversations Edit

Christopher Edit

Main article: Christopher
Christopher is a reclusive, semi-disgraced priest who admitted during the Quiet Year that he had once tutored Samot. During "Four Conversations", he speaks with Castille while she waits for a meeting with Maegwyn.

Coral Edit

Main article: Coral
Coral is a tea witch who Edmund Hitchcock visits with Snitch Nightly while trying to discern who has the other half of the map to the Mansion.

Hedy Braum Edit

Main article: Hedy Braum (weaver)
Hedy Braum was the first weaver to come to Marielda and has organized the Weaver Union, a group of city-dwelling weaver petitioning for civil and political rights. During "Four Conversations", she meets with Sige in Quince Parish and brings him to see Samol in the Western Wood.

The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Edit

Others Edit

See also Edit

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