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The following is a list of shops, restaurants, and other business establishments known to exist in Hieron.

The Buoy Edit

The Topgallant Edit

Part bar, part temple of Severea, The Topgallant was supposedly the first boat, before it crashed where it is now. All that is left of the boat is its large mast, which is incorporated into the structure. Operated by proprietress and priestess Lauranee Lovekin, the bar is a place to do the things Severea likes; bring people together, get them drunk, see what happens. Though patrons must turn their shoes and weapons in to Raul at the door, the atmosphere inside is a rowdy, bustling atmosphere of yelling, flirting, and shadowboxing, with a diverse crowd. Its innkeeper is a timid, nervous man who only got the job through nepotism, the position having once been held by his father.

Marielda Edit

Chrysanthemum Parish Edit

The Blue Boar Edit

The Blue Boar is the closest pub to Memoriam College.

Edmund Hitchcock's dancing school Edit

Edmund Hitchcock runs a dancing school in Chrysanthemum Parish. Ethan's school for duelists is downstairs.

Ethan Hitchcock's dueling school Edit

Ethan Hitchcock runs a dueling school in Chrysanthemum Parish. Edmund's school for dancers is upstairs. The Six's headquarters is downstairs.

The Gardeners Edit

The Gardeners is a bar close to Memoriam College.

Lonely cobbler Edit

There is a struggling cobbler's shop in a quiet corner of the Hanging Gardens of Maelgwyn. Edmund Hitchcock and Castille fight with Bolster Valentine and some Fontmen in front of the store.

Helianthus Parish Edit

The Southern Bucket Edit

The Southern Bucket is a tavern in the section of Canopy Row that was incorporated into Helianthus Parish. Aubrey and Sige met with Claret Holiday there.

Iris Parish Edit

Marielda Human Resources Company Edit

Marielda Human Resources Company runs most of Iris Parish's non-refugee labor force, and discriminate against non-humans and those not native to Marielda.

Orchid Parish Edit

Cobb's butcher shop Edit

Remembrance Cobb runs a butcher shop in Red House that he opened after his brother's death, two or three weeks before the start of the Winter in Hieron Holiday Special. The shop has lots of animals hung up for butchering, a large stone slab which Remembrance cuts and wraps meat on, and a rack of tools. Due to the absence of refrigeration and the high cost of ice in Marielda, he sells a lot of salted meats, and often has lots of cuts that he's struggling to move before the end of the day. Hazel sells oranges in the street out front.

Hard-Work Safe-House Security Edit

Hard-Work Safe-House Security is a private security firm run by the aptly named Hard-Work Safe-House. The typical choice for people who want security work done, but are uncomfortable with the pala-din, they are based in Orchid Parish and are affiliated with Maelgwyn’s Faithful. Sige has done some work for them in the past.

Lilith's goods Edit

Lilith R'ion sells elven trinkets (real and fake) from a blanket she lays out in the street of Red House.

Red Jack's pub Edit

When working in Marielda as a traveling publican, Red Jack set up a pub in the street of Red House with a couple kegs, some stools, and some cold cuts he bought from Remembrance Cobb.

Tisk's bookstore Edit

Tisk Silpa runs a bookstore in Red House. The shelves are too close together for humans to browse easily.

Walligan's antiques Edit

Walligan Upchurch runs an antique shop and notary in Red House. It closes early.

Walligan's laundromat Edit

After failing to find a business opportunity he can collaborate with the others on, Walligan opens a laundromat.

Violet Parish Edit

Red Rank Irregulars Edit

Main article: Red Rank Irregulars
The Red Rank Irregulars are a mercenary and security force of soldiers from Violet Parish who didn't leave the city for the war against Samot, led by Claret Holiday. They later begin expanding into Quince and and Chrysanthemum as a means of making inroads into Orchid Parish, where Claret wishes to regain the property she once had in Canopy Row. They move into the Red House retail space vacated by County Sans-Soleil's arrest.

Unspecified parish Edit

Daisy's shop Edit

Castille's contact Daisy Velour owns an upscale shop where she sells the goods Castille crafts on consignment.

The Lamplighter's Rest Edit

The Lamplighter's Rest is a mediocre coaching inn.

Mung Quarry & Conveyance Edit

Ostensibly an obsidian mining business, Mung Quarry & Conveyance is really a front for the Mung brothers' smuggling operation.

Nacre Edit

La Salle Bakery Edit

Prior to the destruction of Nacre, Emmanuel La Salle ran a bakery in the city. During his last moments in Nacre, Lem stopped by to see Emmanuel.

Rosemerrow Edit

Creek Crescent Edit

Byrd Shipping & Handling Edit

Byrd Shipping & Handling is a freight transportation business run by Brown Byrd.

Flank Fields Edit

Greeneworks Edit

Greeneworks is an agency run by the Greene family which provides cheap migrant labor to farms in Flank Fields. Mitta Parr has been living in one of their migrant boarding houses.

The Kickshaw Edit

New Archives Trade & Barter Edit

New Archives Trade & Barter is a trading house run by the archivist Elgash Or in the Kickshaw, with the assistance of associate archivist Devar van der Dawes. The shop's main purpose is to enable the performance of pattern magic which specifically require certain numbers of items that have been traded for or to be traded away.

The Mills Edit

Cider-Brew Cider Brewery Edit

Cider-Brew Cider Brewery is a brewery owned and operated by Solomon Cider-Brew.

The Rosemerrow Current Edit

Main article: The Rosemerrow Current
The Rosemerrow Current is a monthly newspaper operating out of The Mills. It is the first post-Erasure newspaper in Hieron outside of Nacre.

Roseheart Edit

Half-Off Goods Warehouse Edit

The Half-Off Goods Warehouse, located in the Canyon, is the premier operation of Sid Half-Off. Everything there costs two dollars, and everything is half off. Sid owns several other stands in the city.

The Likely Striker Edit

The Likely Striker is the best creperie in the Canyon. Emmanuel de Sal has found a job there.

Viridian Village Edit

The Hawk and Mouse Inn Edit

The Hawk and Mouse Inn is an inn and pub in Viridian Village. The pub is a fairly dark open room with seats next to fires. There are crops from a better time hanging from the walls; hops, barley, wheat. There are one or two fewer beers on tap than you would want, but their beers are slightly good. Being in Rosemerrow, the ceilings are a bit too low. There are two dogs (one underfed, one overfed) walking around. Jerod Shiraz is stationed there with a group of Anchor and a group of Ordennan emissaries.

Westshore-upon-Sea Edit

Westshore-upon-Scene Edit

Westshore-upon-Scene is a theatre and acting school in Westshore-upon-Sea, operated by Elan Showman. The investigation of Gilbert Lutz's presumed death took place around the time of their production of the musical Rosemerrow, Oh My Rosemerrow.

The theatre also functions as a front for a temple of the Cult of the Dark Sun.

Municipality unspecified Edit

The Rose and Crown Edit

The Rose and Crown is a bland and serviceable fake-folksy inn that Lem stayed at after the Mountain Party's museum heist.

Twinbrook Edit

The Greasy Snifter Edit

Main article: The Greasy Snifter
The Greasy Snifter, once known as The Crystal Snifter, is a rather unsavory tavern. Adaire's contact Lardwulf works there.

The Primping Badger Edit

The Primping Badger is a respectable inn. The Forest Party stays there during their visit to Twinbrook and eats breakfast with Tavira Shal and her soldiers.

Regency Inn and Tavern Edit

The Regency Inn and Tavern is an inn in Twinbrook that doubles as the headquarters of the town's leader, Lesser Regent Rowena Lee, who either took her title from the inn or vice versa. The living area of the inn's suite have been converted into an office with an old desk covered in paperwork, a barstool from downstairs, and an approximate map of the region drawn on a chalkboard.

Sid's cart Edit

Sid Half-Off owns one cart stand selling goods in Twinbrook.

Velas Edit

Fish District Edit

Kast's Heavy Tackle and Supplies Edit

Kast's Heavy Tackle and Supplies is a fishing goods shop located (unsurprisingly) in the Fish District and owned by Henrietta Kast.

The Laughing Buck Pub and Accommodations Edit

The Laughing Buck is a Fish District inn and pub owned and operated by Frank DiPazzo. Home of Frankie D's Famous Ham and Goose Iced Stew.

Rat's Burrow Hard Drinks and Hostelry Edit

Rat's Burrow is an inn and pub in the Fish District.

The Sinking Stars Curios, Decoctions and Antiques Edit

The Sinking Stars is an apothecary and curiosity shop in the Fish District run by self-proclaimed "Alchem-est", Dr. K Mirranne.

Sun District Edit

Bottom o' the Flounder Inn and Pub Edit

Bottom o' the Flounder is a Sun District inn and pub owned and operated by Fisher Lacey.

Rosemerrow Import Emporium Edit

Rosemerrow Import Emporium is one of Sid Half-Off's stands that was in operation on High Sun Day, located in the Sun District.

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