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The following is a list of books and other publications known to exist in Hieron.

Ancient Ordennan books Edit

Prior to Winter in Hieron, Hella followed the treasure map she found in the first episode of the first season to a location off the coast of Ordenna where she found some ancient books relating to Ordennan history. The books bear the symbols of the three Ordennan ruling clans, along with a fourth symbol. Although she has been unable to completely decipher them, she has kept them for further study.

In her initial study, Hella learned that the name "Varal", which she thought meant 'drying line' indicating that she came from a family of maids and launderers, in fact means a line on which people are hanged. While going deeper into the books in Old Man's Chin, she learned that her family was given the name as punishment, for being traitors who didn't even have the good sense to flee.

Book of Life Edit

The Book of Life is a magical tome obtained from the pre-Erasure tower on Eventide Island. It has the power to imbue inanimate objects with life and sentience. It was stolen from Fantasmo on the night before High Sun Day, and is currently in the possession of the archivist Elgash Or.

It was also the book that The Yellow House was trying to obtain from Memoriam College, which was then taken from them by Carolyn Fair-Play.

The front of the book has a rune which Aubrey recognized as meaning something akin to "bring to life" in an ancient tongue. This is the same rune which was on the faces of Rivallo, Calithane, and Brutus. The book is leatherbound with brass hinges. Inside is row after row of runes along with some recognizable language.

A Candle More Wick Than Wax Edit

One of three leather-bound books which Arrell shipped to Exarch Alyosha via Sol Cider-Brew.

The Canon of Samot Edit

The Canon of Samot is a book Fantasmo found on Rivallo's bookshelf. Previously unfamiliar with Samot, Fantasmo had never seen or heard of the book before.

Chemical Procedures and Unholy Transposition Edit

Chemical Procedures and Unholy Transposition is a book on advanced alchemical practices Aubrey pulled off a shelf in Memoriam College's Winsley Cartwright Living Library. She used it to block an attack by Mrs. Manufactory.

The Didactum Samot Edit

The Didactum Samot is a history of the dogma and practices of the Disciples of Samot. As it was always checked out of the University library by Isaac Adelton, Fantasmo never got to read it or file it into his mental library. Adleton took the book with him back to Rosemerrow. Fantasmo got the book from Isaac after the Mountain Party robbed the Museum.

Grummond's Retroactive Edit

Grummond's Retroactive is a book on the Nacre legal system. Grummond's Retroactive has several appendecies, which are sometimes provided as an additional bound volume.

The History of Unification Edit

The History of Unification is a series of historical books that Fantasmo found while searching Rivallo's bookcase in the Tower of Severea.

The Illustrated Concordance of Marielda Edit

The Illustrated Concordance of Marielda is a history of Marielda written by Uklan Tel. It has had at least two printings. Selections from the book are used for the episode descriptions of Marielda.

"A Letter From Impetor Fela Malle" Edit

"A Letter From Impetor Fela Malle" is an Ordennan propaganda pamphlet distributed in Rosemerrow and elsewhere. It is a transcription of a speech by Impetor Fela Malle, the head of Blood Malle. Arrell sent a copy of it to Exarch Alyosha, asking for his thoughts on it.

Manners and Preparations for the Aspirant Edit

One of three leather-bound books which Arrell shipped to Exarch Alyosha via Sol Cider-Brew.

Mortal Liminality Edit

Mortal Liminality: On the Space Between Life and Death (also occasionally referred to as Liminal Mortality) is a book written during The Quiet Year by Bolster Valentine. The Valentine Affair was The Six's attempt to steal this book from Memoriam College for Claret Holiday. The book had been removed from the library's special collection and was in Rector Sabinia's possession.

There is an acknowledgment to Fester Finlay in the foreword.

Novel never read Edit

Devar van der Dawes is reading a pre-release print (marked "NOT FOR SALE" on the cover) of a pre-Erasure book which no one ever read. He uses it help explain the Schism of the New Archives to Lem, saying that there are patterns that require a hundred of these books to have been read, and illusion magic could theoretically trick the pattern into believing that was the case.

The book is about a man who had to build a house after his husband was killed.

Practical Models for the Fostering of Inquiry Edit

One of three leather-bound books which Arrell shipped to Exarch Alyosha via Sol Cider-Brew.

Pruning the Thorns Edit

Pruning the Thorns: An Etymological History of Rosemerrow and Its Surrounds is a multi-volume collection of etymology and gnoll history. Volumes 1-8 are held in The New Archives, and form the basis of Lem's preexisting knowledge of gnoll culture. Morbash tells Lem to obtain volumes 9-13 from the New Old Museum to help verify their knowledge of Rosemerrow history. They back up the gnoll's claims of having their culture and lifestyle stolen from them by halflings.

The Rosemerrow Current Edit

Main article: The Rosemerrow Current
The Rosemerrow Current is a monthly newspaper operating out of Rosemerrow's Mills district. It is the first post-Erasure newspaper in Hieron outside of Nacre.

Sabinia's cursed tome Edit

In addition to Mortal Liminality, Sabinia also had a strange and threatening book on her desk in the rectory. The words in the book seemed to vibrate and frame Sabinia's faceless form being swallowed in the void. She seemed to be pulling Edmund Hitchcock in before he closed the book.

Skein's Ephemeris Edit

One of two wood-bound books which Arrell shipped to Exarch Alyosha via Sol Cider-Brew.

Treatise on the Whites of Eyes Edit

One of two wood-bound books which Arrell shipped to Exarch Alyosha via Sol Cider-Brew.

The Trials of Coracle Edit

The Trials of Coracle is a series of adventure novels, each of which tells of the exploits of a different boy adventurer who manages to save the city of Coracle from some threat. Rivallo seemed to have the complete set on his bookcase in the Tower of Severea.

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