Lenny Lenova(full name?) was the mayor of Westshore-upon-Sea and a hopeful to become Chancellor of Rosemerrow.

Appearance Edit

Lenny carried the roundness of being able to eat well, even three months into a freak winter. His hair was thinning.

Ambitions Edit

Lenny announced his intention to run for Chancellor at the opening of the Ledman Adelbury McGillicuddy Johnson Johansen Maestro Abelton Alexander Quinton Carver Mason Brubaker Seagram Lenova Wing of the New Old Museum with the campaign slogan "He'll Get You There!". Rosemerrow tradition states that it takes fifteen names to become chancellor, and that the last name is the hardest to get. Lenny has fourteen names, and planned to ask Ephrim to be his fifteenth before their relationship went south.

Lenny was a suspect in the murder of Chancellor Gilbert Lutz despite of his strong alibi, having arranged with Sgt. Carver to have himself arrested to protect himself from Isaac Adelton's associate Arrell. However, as the investigation into Lenova's various dealings continued, Carver opportunistically turned on him, and two weeks later Lenova was executed.

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