Lem's plant is a potted Velasian thyme plant given to Lem King by Morbash. Caring for the plant is one of the tasks Lem has been assigned in order to fix his standing with the New Archives.

Name Edit

If Morbash gave the plant a name before it changed custody, Lem does not know it, but knowing to respect a given name for the sake of the pattern, Lem has not named it.[1]

Description Edit

The plant, a variety of thyme that only grows in Velas, was originally one of several being grown in a New Archives greenhouse in the city that collapsed in the High Sun Day blizzard, and is now their only remaining specimen.

When Lem first began taking care of the plant, it had long leaflets and a hemp-like appearance, with slight psychoactive properties. Its appearance has changed over time and it now resembles a small weeping willow.

During the course of Lem's adventures, the plant has been subjected to a number of dangerous situations, most notably when his bag was briefly on fire and when he stored a hilt of some dark magical nature in his bag with it.

References Edit

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