This article is about the original Lance Noble Orchid. For his successor, see Rebecca.
Lance Noble Orchid was an officer of the Golden Lance assigned to Orchid Parish who formed a rivalry with Sige Coleburn.

Personality Edit

As the youngest and most inexperienced member of the Golden Lance, Orchid had a chip on his shoulder and constantly felt the need to prove himself, even before Sige stole his gun. He left his own jurisdiction more than any of the other Lance Nobles, and was generally insufferable.

History Edit

Orchid held a grudge against Sige after the scoundrel managed to steal his gun. He was at the Memoriam College orientation banquet the day of The Valentine Affair, but not in uniform. As the Black Slacks began brawling with pala-din, he was firing his gun at the protesters until Ethan Hitchcock blew a hole in the side of the building, throwing him to the ground, at which point Sige stole his gun a second time and knocked him out, leaving him to die in the burning building.

See also Edit

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