A lack is a thing that someone needs but does not have. In the subterranean strata of Hieron, it is customary to greet people by asking their lack; the person being asked is expected to answer truthfully.

There is a place in The Buoy known as the Lack House where people can go to think about their lack and how to alleviate it.

Examples Edit

Character Lack
Miko & Sebastian Drinkwater A home
Calhoun Cleanblade A good death
Alejandro Evensteps The satisfaction of a hard day's work
Lauranee Lovekin The will to leave
Hella Stability
Hadrian Direction
Adaire A true connection
Clement Herald-News Confidence
Sunder Havelton Used to be curious, not anymore
  • A place where he can make his Golden Lance badge do something/mean something[note 1]
  • Retribution against the people he thinks screwed up his life[note 2]
Prelate Springe Manners[note 3]
Drall Feride, the Grey Duke A good reason to leave

Notes Edit

  1. As told to Sunder Havelton.
  2. This is what Throndir believes is his lack when he visits the Lack House.
  3. Springe says this in jest, and clearly believes neither that he lacks anything nor that the custom holds any importance beyond being a traditional greeting.

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