Isaac Adelton is an illusionist who once studied under Fantasmo.

History Edit

Adelton, a halfling of about 40, is a former student of Fantasmo and even was a research assistant under him, but not a particularly good one. Aside from magic, he was also interested in archaeology and history. He never graduated and left for Rosemerrow, where he began working with Lenny Lenova and the New Old Museum.

At the museum, Adelton used illusion magic to make primitive tools and boxes appear to be examples of fine halfling craftsmanship. Word of this ruse, exposed after being dispelled by Fantasmo, led to the Schism of the New Archives.

In the aftermath of Gilbert Lutz's apparent death, Adelton was captured by the Ordennans occupying Knoll Hollow. However, while in their custody, he was transported into the Study by Arrell, where he presumably remains.

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