Iris Parish is a manufacturing district in southeast Marielda.

History Edit

The Quiet Year Edit

What later became Iris Parish more or less came into being during autumn of the Quiet Year when Samothes created a series of factory plants in which people can configure metal stamps to create a variety of useful goods. Cobbins quickly took to the factories, while the humans of the city unfortunately began supplying them with child labor.

Later history Edit

Mainly consisting of factories and warehouses, few people actually live in Iris, with most workers commuting from Helianthus or Emberboro. Those who do live in the district, such as Castille, generally inhabit studios and loft spaces.

The district's skyline is dominated by a massive church of Samothes. A monolithic white obelisk, glossy and unadorned, it covers a city block and towers high above the factories.

Lance Noble Iris, the Golden Lance's officer in the parish, is an old man who likes candy.

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