Inside & Outside: Friends At The Table Soundtrack, Season Three is the soundtrack to Winter in Hieron, composed and performed by Jack de Quidt. As the season continues, more tracks will likely be added.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Inside" 2:22
2. "Red Jack" 3:19
3. "The Wythered Route" 3:57
4. "Outside" 1:35
5. "A Chaotic Cataloging of the Entire World" 3:06
6. "Broken Branches, or The March of The Unstill" 2:07
7. "Spring's Light" 2:49
8. "Hadrian & His Son" 5:01
9. "The Wind Gets Warm" 3:10
10. "There Is A Path" 2:16
11. "Samol" 1:30
12. "Velocity" 1:46
13. "The Boat" 3:02
14. "Pleased, and Loyal, and Happy" 1:25
15. "Adelaide" 1:21
16. "The Warmth of Love" 4:45

Notes Edit

  1. Date of initial release; tracklist was expanded over the course of the season.

External links Edit

Autumn Not Winter · Marielda · Inside & Outside

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