The Holiday Special is an annual Friends at the Table tradition of episodes in late December and early January which use rules from games other than the main format of the current season, and generally take place at a different spot in the chronology.

Autumn in Hieron Edit

Main article: Velas Deputies
The season one holiday special was a two-episode story where the adventurers were deputized by the Golden Lance to investigate the murder of Gregalos in Velas on High Sun Day. The rules for the special were loosely based on Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, but players were also able to use the abilities their characters possessed within Dungeon World. Although the season was ongoing and both groups were still in the middle of their quests at the time this special was recorded and released, it is set at the conclusion of Autumn in Hieron, after both parties return to Velas.

Winter in Hieron Edit

Main article: The Fellowship
The holiday special from Friends at the Table's third season had the cast use the rules of Follow to play out a story (as told to the Forest Party by Red Jack) of a group of Marielda shopkeepers from long ago, shortly after the events of the Marielda interlude.

Holiday Specials
Autumn in Hieron: "I Don't Know What's in That Box" · "I've Killed Monsters"

Winter in Hieron: "Homes and Promises" · "Pits and Ladders"

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