Helianthus Parish, also known as Hell's Parish, is a district in central Marielda. Its nickname may or may not have the same connotation that it does in the real world.

History Edit

The Quiet Year Edit

Sections of Helianthus Parish were once some of the worst parts of Canopy Row, a neighborhood in southwestern Marielda which was historically the slums of the city for being the closest part to the Western Wood. Except for these sections redistricted to Helianthus, most of the Canopy later became Orchid Parish.

Christopher ran a church and hospital here during the Quiet Year.

Later development Edit

Helianthus is the most populous part of the city and where most of its working class live in dense, overheated tenements, or, in the case of the weavers, rooftop shacks. The Crosstown Express train stretches through the skies above Hell's Parish. Emberboro, the section of the city home to most of its cobbins and a large number of refugees, is officially considered part of Helianthus.

Christopher's hospital is now run by the Hospitaliers du Tristero.

Lance Noble Helianthus, the Golden Lance's officer in the parish, is a former building superintendent.

See also Edit

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