Hadrian, the Paladin, once known as Alexander Nurmacher[1][2], is a devout soldier of the Order of Eternal Princes from Velas.

 Appearance Edit

Hadrian, a bulky six-foot-tall dark-skinned man in his late thirties, has been described as "like a bodybuilder from an Elvis movie", muscular but not defined in the way that people were before it was easy to isolate muscle groups. Hadrian has kind eyes and an understanding face, and his hair is short but not quite a crew cut.

He wears a worn pre-Erasure ring with the symbol of Samothes; on his right ring finger (which his gauntlet left exposed) during Autumn in Hieron, then on a chain around his neck underneath his clothes during Winter in Hieron. Hadrian wears heavy scale armor. Beneath the armor or when he has taken it off, Hadrian wears a padded aketon embroidered with a symbol of Samothes, compared by the players to the one worn by Blackwall in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Following the end of the Ice Party adventure, he also wears the white wolfskin cloak of a living god.

Hadrian wielded a halberd in Autumn in Hieron prior to being captured by the snow elves of Auniq. He now wields a golden longsword with a dark brown leather hilt, which he found in the Mark of the Erasure.

During the Autumn in Hieron holiday special, Hadrian was wearing special white vestments for High Sun Day. These covered his hands and arms.

 Personality Edit

Of course the wind can be evil. Anything can be evil.

–Hadrian, "Is It Time Already?"

Hadrian is stern, noble, dogmatic, and self-assured. He is a somewhat absent husband and father, usually on the road, and even when he returns home between the two seasons, the stress and questions resulting from Prelate Lucius's death distance him from what is normally a joyful return to his wife Rosana and son Benjamin.

Alignment Edit

Hadrian's alignment is Lawful. To receive experience, he must "Deny mercy to a criminal or unbeliever."

Bonds Edit

Old Edit

  • Lem King's misguided behavior endangers their very soul.
  • Hella has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely.
  • Fantasmo is a brave soul. I have much to learn from them.
  • Fantasmo's foolhardy behavior endangers the world.
  • Throndir has a good soul, but he needs to be guided upon the proper path.
  • Fantasmo saved my life and returned my faith to me. I owe him one.

Current Edit

  • Hella is at a spiritual crossroads and only I can see her through.
  • Throndir's morality is a broken clock. I must lead him to the correct time.
  • Adaire has a silver tongue, but metals are only sacred if they're blessed.
  • Fun is fun, but Fero would let my family die. Never trust him.

Abilities Edit

In addition to the skills Hadrian has developed through training and experience, he gains powers and spells by communing with Samothes.

Hadrian v skeleton

Hadrian fighting the skeleton painter (Art by @jesscookie1)

  • Quest: When Hadrian dedicates himself to a quest, he can gain a pair of boons for the duration as long as he maintains certain vows.
    • Perfect Knight: Hadrian gains a third boon while on a quest.
  • Lay on Hands: Hadrian can heal wounds and cure disease, but there is a chance that the damage will be transferred to him.
  • I Am the Law: Hadrian can give orders with divine authority, forcing NPCs to do as he says, flee, or attack him.
  • Pray for Guidance: Hadrian can ask "What here is evil?" and will be told honestly (as Samothes defines the concept).
  • Hospitaller: When Hadrian heals an ally, it has increased potency.

Spells Edit

  • Light: An item he touches glows with Samothes's divine light.
  • Guidance: The symbol of Samothes (or Samot) appears before Hadrian and directs him toward a course of action.
  • Speak With Dead: Hadrian can ask three questions of a corpse, which it will answer based on its knowledge in life and that gained through death.
  • Darkness: Hadrian can revoke Samothes's light from an area, creating a field of darkness and shadow.

Origin Edit

The name "Hadrian" is one of the suggested names for paladins on the Dungeon World character sheet[3]; Art chose it for its association with the Roman emperor Hadrian, best known for the construction of Hadrian's Wall, "who toured the provinces and secured the frontiers"[4].

Likewise, Hadrian's birth name, Alexander, is associated with the ancient Macedonian emperor Alexander the Great, and comes from the Greek 'Alexandros', meaning "defender of the people".

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