Guns, in Hieron, are most often magical ranged weapons which discharge blasts of material energy. Invented by Samothes, they are the trademark of the Golden Lance.

History Edit

Guns were first seen at the end of the Quiet Year, when a regiment of pala-din armed with the weapons fought off the armies of Samot invading Marielda.

Instead of holding spears, they carried long arms, wood and metal and fire. They held these weapons tight to their shoulders and flung the sun's own light, made material, at the occupying army. The rays of fire burst through Samot's men, and in their indiscriminate dedication to victory, the pala-din harmed nearly as many of Tamsyn's remaining soldiers as it did the invaders.
– "The City of Light Pt. 2"
By the time of The Six, fifteen years later, these arms had become the calling card of the sheriffs of the Golden Lance, though occasionally (by design or by accident) they made their way into the hands of civilians such as Sige Coleburn and the future Lance Noble Helianthus.

Either before or after the invention of these magical guns by Samothes, guns more akin to those of the real world were also in use by the armies of Marielda. This can be seen when Hitchcock uses a small derringer during "The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn".

Later on, in post-Erasure days, guns are still seen in use by Golden Lance officers Victoria Solomon and Gloria Lake. Whether these weapons are pre-Erasure artifacts or if guns are still in production somewhere in the world is unknown.

Properties Edit

Guns shoot long bolts of blazing sunlight made tangible which burn their targets into ash. As magical weapons, they are capable of harming ghosts.

Much like guns of the real world, guns of Hieron come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as rifles, long-barreled pistols, and sawed-off shotguns.

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