Gilbert Greene Byrd White Merrow Henderson Lenova Tevilton Bachman Brayer Slayton Showman Carolina Quincy Lutz, also known as Gilbert Lutz, was the Chancellor of Rosemerrow.

Personality Edit

Lutz was personable and outgoing, and bristled at receiving too much preferential treatment despite the importance of his position. Friends considered him a reformer, though his enemies painted him as a revolutionary. However, the wrath exacted on his behalf on the Belgrave family indicates that his kindliness should not be treated as a given.

Life Edit

Due to a plot on his life from the Belgrave dynasty, Lutz was forced to begin his chancellorship in exile.

At the request of Adaire, Lutz sent the Withered Root Mercenary Company, led by Venture Captain Balion Whythe, to aid in the protection of Old Man's Chin from the armies of Ordenna. Shortly thereafter, Lutz seemed to have been killed in his home under mysterious circumstances, though an investigation revealed he had been spirited away to The Study by Arrell.

 Origin Edit

Lutz's (main) surname is an homage to friend of the show Michael Lutz, who tweeted out a picture that inspired the name of Orth Godlove, a character in COUNTER/Weight.[1][2]

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