The Preceptors of the Font of True Knowledge, more commonly known as the Fontmen, are an organization in Marielda tasked with regulating, censoring, and controlling knowledge.

Purpose Edit

Holy bureaucrats with a censorious bent, and the black lines and book-burnin's to match. Technically, they're considered educators. Samothes called them the Preceptors of the Font of True Knowledge. But most folks, they just call them the Fontmen. They patrol Marielda, huntin' down risky ideas and dangerous facts with an arbitrary ferocity. Doesn't matter if the knowledge they squash is helpful or injurious. At the end of the day, the Fontmen decide who is a heretic.

Samol, "War and Azaleas"

In a city where knowledge is commodity and contraband, Fontmen are the ones who crack down on sources of forbidden information. The work of The Six brought about a war between the two factions.

Appearance Edit

Members of The Fontmen wear bowler hats and carry canes that spark into flames at the end, which they use for fighting and burning books.

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