Follow is a game by Ben Robbins (designer of Microscope and Kingdom, both of which appear in Friends at the Table's second season, COUNTER/Weight) featured in the Winter in Hieron Holiday Special. In Follow, players tell a story together about a group of characters working together to achieve a goal, organized around a number of different quest archetypes. The Friends at the Table group played "The Colony", in which their goal was to build a colony and make it flourish.

Basics Edit

After deciding on a quest type and setting, the players each choose a major and minor character, with their major character having one want (a thing they desire) and one need (something they need another major character to give them that the other character does not want to give).

The characters work towards their end goal by confronting a series of challenges. Each challenge is played through a number of scenes, at the end of which the characters' feelings on how things are going affects whether they succeed or fail at a challenge. Failure has repercussions, but failing a challenge does not mean that they cannot succeed at the quest.

External links Edit

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