Exarch Alyosha is a member of the Creed of Samothes. As an exarch, Alyosha is a high-ranking official in the church but has no permanent parish of his own. He was previously assigned as a missionary in Rosemerrow, but was called to Velas to act as standing leader of the church in the city following Prelate Lucius's death.

His correspondence with his mentor Arrell form the episode descriptions for episodes 1 through 10 of Winter in Hieron.

Appearance Edit

Alyosha is a very slight individual in his late thirties, weak-looking with features that are thin but youthful and bright. He has light hair and light eyes.

Origin Edit

Alyosha's name may be an allusion to a character from Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. In the novel, Alexei (nicknamed Alyosha) is the youngest of the titular brothers, a novice at an Orthodox monastery, whose faith contrasts with his older brother Ivan's atheism.

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