The Eventide Party, also known as the Original Party, is the group of adventurers sent to investigate Eventide Island in Friends at the Table's first quest, spanning from episode 1 to 4 of Autumn in Hieron.

Adventure Edit

Prelude Edit

A joint operation between Ordenna, Velas (the latter initially referred to as The Burg) and the New Archives puts together the group to investigate a strange tower on the Isle of Eventide, an island in the craggy, wet Isles of Dusk located between Ordenna and Velas which seems to be the origin of turbulent ocean activity as of late.

Drawn to the possibility of occult mysteries in a strange tower, The Great Fantasmo is drawn to the mission, but is only granted the unpaid title of Chief Consultant, under the Expedition Leader, Captain Calhoun.

A few days before the expedition, their ship and supplies are stolen by the pirate Captain Brandish, but Hella leads the group to retrieve the ship, on their first adventure together. As they return to Velas, Fero is approached by a large lizard from the isles who warns him of danger and allows him to study its essence.

Members Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. "We Have Not Yet Begun To Be Pompous"
  2. "You Found Out What Was Magical"
  3. "A Podcast About Listening"
  4. "Is It Time Already?"

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