Deities of Hieron are various beings of great power who shape and alter the world in which the inhabitants of Hieron live.

Powers Edit

You know, sometimes I hear you talk about divine authority, you mortals, in a way that's metaphorical, as if to say that, you know, this king or that queen has the divine authority, that is, the right, to do this or that. But the sort of authority we wield is not metaphorical. It ain't about rights, it's about ability. We weren't authorities because we were allowed to change the world. We were authorities because we were authors, because we wrote and rewrote history and materiality as it pleased us.

Samol, "The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 4"

But it is important to remember that the secret of everything in @Friends_Table is "it's just people. It's always people." Samothes isn't "The God of the sun and invention," he's a being who built the sun and who invented things. Severea isn't "goddess of trade, animals, and the ocean," she just has interest in those things.


The gods of Hieron were once distinguished by the divine authority with which they could rewrite history and undo events, but this ability was taken from them after the death of Samothes. Still, they remain ageless and possess powers difficult for mortals to comprehend.

Pantheon Edit

The Pantheon, also known as the Old Five, is a group of major gods of Hieron, who have long been subjects of worship and veneration among various cultures across the continent.

Other gods Edit

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